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The most obvious obstacle we face is that introverts don’t ‘get out there’ as much as extroverts do.….

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The old Digichat rooms have been phased out as they have become outdated.

The classic chat utilizes flash technology with award winning chat software provided by 123Flash Chat.

For a more modern style interface, we also utilize software based on Meteor technology. All of our chat rooms are compatible with today's latest browsers and devices.

Text messages can also be used to interact with automated systems, for example, to order products or services from e-commerce websites, or to participate in online contests.

Advertisers and service providers use direct text marketing to send messages to mobile phone users about promotions, payment due dates, and other notifications instead of using postal mail, email, or voicemail.

Throughout the years it has undergone many changes and has developed into what you see today.Charlie is a bachelor who writes commercial jingles for a living while leading a hedonistic lifestyle.You may jump directly to any section by selecting the appropriate link below.This makes texting a quick and easy way to communicate with friends and colleagues, including in contexts where a phone call would be impolite or inappropriate (e.g., calling very late at night or when one knows the other person is busy with family or work activities).Like e-mail and voice mail, and unlike landline or mobile phone calls (in which the caller hopes to speak directly with the recipient), texting does not require the caller and recipient to both be free at the same moment; this permits communication even between busy individuals.The latest chats provide video and audio chat rooms strictly for adults.