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Note that several of these words — woke, squad goals, to name a few — have roots in black culture, with specific meanings and history.

There's an active debate on whether using these words, if you're not black, is a form of cultural appropriation that co-ops black culture to seem cool (think fashion, music) while ignoring historic racism.

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My dad was there to support me and tell me how much he cared, but I still didn’t feel quite right. I hated the way I looked, the way I acted and I even tried to kill myself three times because in my mind it would be easier to escape.

News media organizations often treat specific internet safety issues as fads – after being THE hot topic, issues fall out of favor becoming “old news” in spite of ongoing risks and threats.

We’ve seen this with pornography, child predators, chat room risks, meeting strangers and, more recently, sexting.

It’s been interesting and I’ve learned a lot about life and love.

Freshman year there was a lot to take in, from adjusting to a new building to figuring out the upperclassmen’s rules.