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"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood is ready for the next stage of her career -- and it's looking like it could be in porn, because she's met with porn giant Vivid Entertainment. We're told Hirsch had reached out to Amber in the past, and since she was already in town for the MTV Movie & TV Awards ... It's unclear if she's signed on the dotted line yet, but ya don't have to be a rocket scientist to know why Hirsch wanted this meeting.

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You see I could not accept my Thai husband having a new wife.' Nittawat's husband, also a school teacher began an affair with a younger school teacher three years before their divorce.

'I tried to live with it but he began to spend less time with me and my children and when his new wife started to come to my home, I got very angry,' She says.

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After an emotional confrontation, she decided to sue for divorce.

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Nittawat, a Thai schoolteacher and business woman from Udon Thani married her UK husband Frank in June 2004.

Never more than now, does it feel like we are defined by difference. Never more than now does it feel like redefining belonging and otherness is an urgent response to what is happening around us. What does it mean to be on the other side, whose side, what side, in the in-between, in the indefinable, in the “i don't want to define it", in the “it's your fault", “you can't blame them”. A co-director of Two Destination Language, an award winning performance duo based in England and Scotland, and a solo artist.

She writes, designs, performs, produces, teaches, draws and paint.